Covergirl lash blast, so disappointing.


You have seen the Commercials for Covergirl’s lash blast mascara and I am sure you have seen plenty of ANTM(America’s Next Top Model) screw up their lines for these never aired commercials. But, is it truly a good mascara? Not in my opinion. There is no definition, the lashes look flat, and the wand is god awful. No bristles? Really? Just pieces of silicone attached to a mascara wand, to imitate a comb. And it failed, horribly. I have tried the Lash Blast Covergirl line before and it was bad then. Why did I tempt fate again? I had coupons and it was on sale at Publix here in Florida. I wanted to give Covergirl another chance. I was not impressed,at all. And I was quickly reminded of why I hated this product. Covergirl, the attempt was there but execution was poor. Look at Clinique if you want a high definition mascara. It has a duel sided wand and is pretty darn good. Also there is Maybeline mascara which is pretty good, as well as Revlon Lash Potion(my fave). The next CoverGirl Cosmetic I will try is the Bombshell mascara. I have a $3 off coupon.
If you like the Lash blast line, comment down below, or if you don’t comment too. What is your fave drugstore mascara,comments please!
Quick note go to Walmart and use your $3 off Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream hair dye coupon. It will be $1.44 for hair dye ladies and gents. It was in the 01/09/13 Sunday paper I believe. Let me know if I am wrong. Never pay retail!

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