ciate london reveiw. review these amazing products from Influenster I was sent to try and reveiw for free

Ciate London product Review

ciate london reveiw. review these amazing products from Influenster I was sent to try and reveiw for free

Ciate London is a brand I have used before, mostly nail polish ETC.So when Influenster sent me this voxbox of goodies to try and review for free(you can do this too, anyone can sign up!) I was excited to try some new stuff. And with anything I try for makeup, beauty, or other I have to give it a while to see if I like it or not. Makeup except for foundation is pretty straight forward, and so my initial thoughts have remained since getting the products. Trust me this was quite the pick me up after that IRMA!

So let us take a look at what I got!!! First of all the packaging was pretty! I like the mirror silver finish on the bottles. It makes me think this is new and space age. But there was a dud in this box of other wise good products. And you will see the bad and ugly first. Lets end this post on a good note shall we. Time to rip this bandaid off!

Ciate London Dewy stick.

Ok, it smells nice and the idea is novel. It is supposed to be a highlighter. The only thing this product dud did was move makeup around and make my skin feel icky. I used this also without foundation and under foundation and um no no no. NOT GOOD. That is my opinion and I am sticking with it. Like most high lighters this is supposed to reflect light at certain points on the face. Like cheek bones, the upper brow and other high lighting spots. Well, for me, it did none of those things. It didn’t even show up. It is clear. No color and basically friends you are applying EOS to your cheeks. This is supposed to add moisture too, and for us oily girls and guys not something we want to add more of. Not a dewy finish here, not even a finish. This was just a lackluster attempt at a great idea. You can get better highlight sticks from Pixie at Target. Just saying. Ciate London DEWY STICKCiate London Fierce Flicks

This actually was a pretty darn good eyeliner pen. It is dark as I like and goes on well. When I first opened it I needed to work it a bit to get it to glide easier. But once I did that, this felt tipped eyeliner was amazing and as good as my RODIAL and E.L.F pens. IT also stays on really well, and comes off easily with makeup remover. This was a good liner!

Ciate London WANDER WAND.

Maybe you’ll be my Wonder Wand. OK, Enough goofing on Oasis, this mascara is pretty good. The wand although they boast that it is revolutionary, really isn’t. It is the same brush on a lot of mascaras. I do like the formula! It is really good right up there with Better Than Sex mascara and It cosmetics mascara. Will it replace my Better than Sex mascara? Maybe. It comes off a lot easier with remover than the latter. BUT, the Too Faced gives a bit more volume. Which I need more than length.

SO there you have it! Over all it was a good VoxBox, will I purchase the Ciate eyeliner and mascara again at least? Probably yeah. The liner for sure. The Dewy Stick not even if Aunt Irma’s life depended on it. These products can be purchased at Sephora!!

ciate london reveiw. review these amazing products from Influenster I was sent to try and reveiw for free
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Thjs post contains afflilate links. THat means if you click the links I may earn money, but that helps pay the bills ya know. ALSO. Products were provoded by for review and testing for free from Influenster. All opinions are 100% my own! Thank you for reading!



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