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how to stay inspired In bloging

How to stay inspired in blogging.

So, a bit ago I was sent some pieces from a company called ROSEGAL, you may have heard of them. They sell super affordable clothes and have a ton of choices to pick at super low prices. I was sent the White Cocktail dress, a foundation brush, and an embroidered belt. I picked these things based on the appearance as…

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mom life me time

Me time a day of shopping.

SO, you have had a busy week or two. You are SAHM, or even a WM(working mom) or a WAHM mom and you are with the littles day in and day out. The diapers, the dirty clothes, the running around. And if you are like me with a kiddo with special needs, it will be constant therapies, speech appointments, dr appointments.…

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toosave lace dress review

Lace dress

  SO, we all know I love lace,Lace Dresses, lace skirts, lace tops, lace other things. I love the delicate stuff for skirts and such and the crochet lace too. So when Tosave reached out  to have me check out their site and test their products I was all for it! I love finding new places to shop and share with…

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how to style sequins

All that glitters

Is GOLD. Today on the blog I want to share some of my gilded faves. Things I am drooling over, besides food. I love sparkle and glitz. I love sequins and I am loving that sequins is not just for prom or some other formal event. It is for the day too! It is all about how you style it!…

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OOTD sweater and OTK boots

Frequent Flyer.

OK, so I wore this outfit a bit ago. I just didn’t get around to blogging it.Why you may ask? Well, life kinda happens and it gets in the way of other things. And so here we are, a week later and I am finally getting around to getting this outfit on the blog. I at least posted it on…

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H&M dress Rocks bocks bracelet

The dress delima.

Ugh, We have all had days like that where something you are wearing at first looks great then after you see a picture you go, no. No NO GOD NO.  I have a few pieces in my closet that make me feel this way. One is this dress and another is a crop top, that I got rid of after…

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Sweater dress #ootd

Hi there friends! Fall is some what here in Florida. We have such weird weather. Anyways, today on the blog I am wearing a very light sweater dress that is a soft Tshirt material. It is perfect for this weird weather. I love it. I love how it fits too. I love the gray color too, it goes with everything.…

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OOTD: Going green.

Hi there friends! I just wanted to say HI~! And explain that if you do not see a blog post for a few days it is because I may not have power. As you know hurricane Matt is coming for a FL visit. And not a pleasant visit a painful visit where flooding and lawn furniture being airborn is common…

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