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What you need for achieving beach perfect makeup!

Too Faced Beach Bag Must Haves Set • Too Faced • $24 Tarte Maneater Liquid Eyeliner • Tarte • $20 PÜR Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch️ Good Enough To Steal Face Palette & Color-Changing Lip Balm Set • Pur • $35.88 Pür Online Only Festival Eyeshadow Palette • Pur • $36 Shape Tape Concealer & Mini Sponge Set • $25 Shape…

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Lazy girl hack. A perfect MANICURE

We all hate that whole thing of painting your nails with 800 coats of varnish. Only to have it all ruined because you had to pee or someone pooped their diaper. Or a pet(especially birds)decided now it a great time for scritches. Well my friends and dear readers I have a solution for you! Inococo nail strips. These nail strips…

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6 must have foundations for any budget! #beauty #makeup #beautyblog

6 Must have foundations for any budget!

As a makeup user and as a blogger I get to try my fair share of foundations! I have tried some crap ones, some mediocre ones, and some utterly fantastic foundations! Foundations that would be great for anyone! Some of the foundations are Vegan and cruelty free and they worked well with my super sensitive and allergic to everything skin.…

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Finding my curly hair routine. FINALLY!

Happy Friday friends! Ok, so my family all has straight hair, all of them, well maybe my dad has curly hair. He shaves his head so I can not remember. Anyways, I have always had a love hate relationship with my hair. And it is more hate than love!  It is mainly because I never had anyone who knew how…

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Makeup of the day: bright colors

First let me say, I am in no way a makeup guru. NOPE. But, I do love me some bold colors. I love shadow palettes, I love the glitters, and I love some gorgeous lipsticks!So today I thought I would break things up a bit and share this makeup look. I love the bright colors, the pinks and purples. The…

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