Bright and sparkly


Oh la la, she has sequins on again! I am going to be as bright and sparkly as I can for the new roaring twenties! Love it!  I feel like I need to do more for me and take more time for me. I am going to sparkle and shine in this new roaring ’20s . I am going to exercise more and find new adventures for the littles and I to have that will be so fun!

Now if I can stop getting sick! Which I found out why. My kids drink out of my cup! And that means I drink and get their germs full force!

But enough about battling with germs, let’s talk about sequins and all that sparkly stuff. How to go about wearing it outside of a party or holiday celebrations!
My tips are simple!

tip 1 : dress down with a graphic tee or regular knit sweater.

tip 2: use more causal shoes.
tip 3: down play accessories

tip 4: confidence!
that is is really. Truthfully, there is no one way to do or not do. Just wear them and have fun with it.
So let us take a look at some of my sequined picks!

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