Awesome swimwear finds for any bikini body.

Want a bikini body? Want a beach bod? Easy get a bikini and wear it, there bikini bod. Beach bod? Easy get to a beach and sit on it, there beach bod. I know it sounds easier said than done. That getting a bikini body is something that the media and magazines have force fed us into thinking that our mom pooches or flabby arms are meaning we can not wear a swimsuit. Can you believe that years ago, and I do mean years ago. Hundreds of years ago, swimwear wouldn’t even be a thought. Of course a lot of women wore corsets..but that is a discussion for a different time.

And it is no surprising that women develop eating disorders, especially when inlfuencers keep talking about those teas, those weight loss supplements, The shit your brains out till you are skinny teas. There are, insanely enough, teas that pregnant women are supposed to drink to keep them thin. WHAT THE EVER loving hell? REALLY?! And to the influencers or “bloggers” that promote that shit, shame on you!

As someone who is in recovery for anorexia , those teas and those gummies, and those detoxes are so dangerous. SO very dangerous. As dangerous as food aversion. Something that I struggle with daily. DAILY. When I look in the mirror, I see a blob. I see the flab, the less than perfect figure. And no matter how many times I am told I am in great shape, I will ignore it and will go on thinking the worse. This whole thing aimed more at women than men. Men are not talked down to as much as women are about their appearance. Remember the whole #dadbod a year or so ago? When is it our time? When is it acceptable for women to have that mom bod?



So that is why today on the blog I am sharing some swimwear and coverups for that perfect beach body. Which is any body on a beach!

Now, since I went to the beach alone with my boys, I didn’t really have the time to really look at these pictures to see if the settings were right or the littlest finger print on the lens. One son adjusted the camera settings, the other a finger print. SO amazing right? RIGHT?!

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