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A day out // wearing Farmrio

I did it, I took the munchkins to Disney Springs without daddy or anyone else helping me. I did the thing,the thing that a lot of people said I cannot do. “You can’t handle both boys there!” um yes, actually,I can and will. And so I did. At the time we were having our new floor(finally) put in and my…

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Cushnie and Baja East

Hello good friends and what an interesting week it has been. I got a new order from Rent the Runway . This outfit features a top by Cushnie,which is owned by a black designer Carly Cushnie . The brand is so modern and I love the sleek lines! The uniqueness and with black lives matter I have been learning a…

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Filler episode .

I am being driven insane. By myself, by my kids,my hubby, and humans. We are finally getting our new floors and it feels great. My skin is now freaking out, because of my new anti-depressant. My skin is freaking out over it and I am scared it will make me retain water again , my joints can’t handle it! I…

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Styling a corset top, corset story

Styling a corset top

Holy frizzy hair batman! We are in the full on throws of summer here in Florida. The humidity sucks out loud and my hair hates it! Granted it is more under control thanks to my now arsenal of products I use by IGK and Eva NYC. But that is a different blog post for a different day! As you know…

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Hutch midi dress See by Chloe handbag and uggs

Hutch midi dress and Uggs

Good morning friends, I am so exhausted but here I am ! Writing and wearing a fabulous dress. Ok in this picture I was dress fabulously. Right now I am wearing penguin pants and an old maternity tank. Because it is comfy. Although I will change soon. The debate right now is gym or no gym today. I am sore…

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After the rain comes a rainbow

Ok so it has been really wet in Florida, I swear we have had storms every single day! Every single day! Which it makes it very hard for my kids who are begging to go outside! So yeah I let them play in the rain a few times. they needed the outdoor play! This skirt that I have on was…

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Weekend Vibes

Hello there friends! It is another beautiful and weird day in the sunshine state. Weather is wonky and there is a possible tropical disturbance in the force out in the gulf. Joy. I am finally out of sweat pants or joggers and am wearing a dress! Woo! This is another glorious piece rented from Rent the Runway. This dress is…

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