ootd hm shirt sheinskirt

A love hate kind of shirt.

Ok, SO, I have had this sleeveless shirt from HM for a bit now and avoid wearing it. Why? Well, I have a love hate relationship with it. When I bought it I thought oh I will like that, got home and thought hmm maybe not. Is it the cut? Not sure, I have 2 other garments that are the same kind of cut. But they are full on dresses, this is a type of crop top. So what is the deal. I can not if it is the fact I think it makes my shoulders look weird. I can not put my crazy finger on it. Maybe I am just crazy.

ootd hm shirt sheinskirt


I even wore the shirt with my fave maxi skirt. And I feel like that didn’t make me “LOVE” it.  MAxi skirts can make a top like this look amazing and I love taking some “risks” with shirt choices with this skirt.


Maybe like I said earlier I am just going crazier than a cat lady in a Humane Society. Looking at the pictures it doesn’t look how I feel it looks. I guess we all have days where we question our fashion choices. Just like we think “I shouldn’t have eaten that 6th donut.” WE are the victims of self torture.

20160720_110714_002sheinskirtI love this freaking skirt  so much though!

20160720_111447ootdstarI also have some updates coming to the ETSY shop! I can not wait to get them on the shop! 🙂

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Shirt: HM similar

Skirt: SHEIN

Bag: JUSTFAB c/o similar here

Jewelry: similar

Sunnies: EXPRESS


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  • Molly July 21, 2016 at 6:53 AM

    Well, I think the outfit looks great! Does the top feel like it’s pulling up on you from the shoulders? It kind of looks like your shoulders feel suffocated by the shirt. And you have great shoulders that I’m insanely jealous of so please don’t take my comment as criticism or body-shaming! The more tank-top type shirts the better is what I say. Have a fabulous day, Stephanie!

    • Stephanie July 21, 2016 at 5:23 PM

      That is probably what it is. You may be on to something there. 🙂 Thank you molly!!! 🙂


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