A look I love!


I adore stuff like this, a good pair of jeans, a cute tank,some great shoes and a great bag! I would just love to go shopping in this, an outfit fit for a great day out with my mom and sister to the outlets. I can just see it and can’t wait to do it. I already wear stuff like this even now, minus the heels(waah). Outfits like these are so simple and great for days out, or even a day at home. Clothes like these can also be worn in any weather. Cold? Add a cute jacket and you will be set.Love it!!!
I keep thinking about being out and about while being at home. Cabin fever? Uh duh,it is starting to really get to me. Not only am I being affected by this so is my poor husband. He is feeling cooped up too. I feel bad, but it is for a great reason and soon we will have a little munchkin here,

I look at the outfit I put together and think about how it actually may be.
So, I thought it would be fun to do so, since when I do get out shopping no doubt he will be with me.

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